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As makeyourcable has roots in Europaz A/S, it also means that makeyourcable has plenty of experience to draw on. Europaz has thousands of cables in use every week. In doing so, makeyourcable knows everything about how to assemble quality cables so that they do not go to waste during use.


About us – How do makeyourcable work? What is special about our cables and why do we recommend marking them as we do? Learn more about cable selection and real quality cables in the sections below about our products and selected methods and materials.

Kvalitets kabel
Cable Marking - A piece of paper showing how we print your logo as well as cable length

Cable Marking

Your cable marking is an essential part of having a recognizable cable that is entirely your own. Therefore, it is important that your sticker is of the right quality. The way Makeyourcable marks our cables is according to the standard for color coding of electronic components. Here, each color has a specific value that constitutes the length of the cable so that it can be easily seen. As an example, this means:

  • Black: 0
  • Brown: 1
  • Red: 2
  • Orange: 3
  • Green: 5
This means that a 1 meter cable will be marked with your logo, as well as a brown cable marking for 1 meter. Next, a 15 meter cable will be marked with your logo, as well as a brown and green marker for 15 meters.

Quality cable

At Makeyourcable you will only find quality cables made with quality components. Makeyourcable attaches great importance to the materials we have chosen to use for all cables we make. Our materials are carefully selected and tested, and we use only the most recognized components in the industry. Today, there are countless cheap cables available online and in reputable stores where expensive musical instruments are sold, but your instruments and appliances deserve better.

Kvalitets kabel