Microphone cable – 20 meters with 3 pole XLR connectors
29. October 2019
Microphone cable – 3 meters with 3 pole XLR connectors
2. November 2019

Jack cable – 3 meters with jack plug

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Jack cable – 3 meters with jack plug consisting of a very high quality black microphone cable – CONN-X (2 x 0.22 mm2) combined with professional jack plugs. The jack cable has a sturdy outer sheath which protects the inner conductors from wear. However, the cable is soft enough for easy handling. The jack cable offers low resistance and high flexibility due to its fine, close single conductor, good copper wire shielding (100%).

To ensure the best connection, the jack cable is assembled with black jack plugs on both ends. This creates the perfect jack for you who want a quality cable at the right price.

All jack cables are bundled with shrink flex ready for logo and marking if you want to do this yourself. If you have purchased jack cables and would like to makeyourcable to put the logo on – then read more about this below – About us.

After collection, all jack cables are tested at our own workshop before being sent to you. In this way we ensure you the best quality and the jack cable is delivered ready for use.

The technical details of jack cable – 3 meters with jack plug:
  • Black soft microphone cable with an outer diameter of 5.80 mm and great for normal wear and super easy to handle.
  • Shielding is copper and shaped as a coil with 100% protection against radiation, as well as a tinned copper wire as an earth connection. (The usual shielding of lower quality cables is 85% and can cause disruption to your settlement)
  • The red and transparent conductor is enclosed textile waste filler to protect and absorb potential wear and tear.
  • The red and transparent conductor consisting of 2 x 0.22 mm2 copper is protected with an XLPE plastic coating for further protection.
  • Conductor resistance 79 Ω / Km
  • Specific capacity of the cable: conductor/conductor 75 pF / m
  • Specific capacity of the cable: conductor/shielding 160 pF / m
  • Maximum rated voltage: 49 V
  • Operating temperature: -15/+70°C
Weight 0,350 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 cm